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Its Palm Sunday and I am so bored. Just sitting around when I should be sleeping or at least be more productive. What a waste of a Sunday especially since I have to go to stupid class tomorrow. Yeah I am just blogging because I have to…how lame. This is just to satisfy the requirements. Of course I will have to find two other blogs and make comments.

Currently I am not feeling very creative, so that is all I have to say.

(That was a month or so ago and all I can say is nothing changes around here)


Wow! just finishing watching Chuck and all I can think of is WOW! totally worth the wait. Oh my Chuck and Sarah together at last and what a go team they make. But also sad because there goes Ellie and Awesome, two very cool characters that makes Chuck who he is. I think they should bring them back eventually. Another point Jeff and Lester can’t believe there was some actual talent in those drunken loser. Also there needs to be a twist in Chuck and Sarah’s relationship maybe with Hannah, who knows….

Keep watching….

Not the first time I heard about it, but the first time I’ve heard of marketing through Second Life. Most recently I was reintroduced to this website through a True Life episode on MTV where outcast and shut-ins. Also in a marketing class I was able to see how in order to use the site a computer needs to have a larger video or image memory capacity or it freezes your computer. Well whatever it is I can definitely see how people could get so absorbed in Second Life especially when leaving the house would create panic and a scare from being in the actual word.

Just watch Phoebe in Wonderland and oh my god it is spectacularly amazing. Yeah it is based off Alice in Wonderland, but it goes far beyond the simple fairy tale. It is like entering the mind of Chuck Palahniuk where there are two realities with the exception to the protagonist’s double reality. This movie makes me wonder how many people live a double life and prefer the fantasy to reality because it makes more sense. Also are rules and over restrictions creating mysterious mental illnesses that allow one to rebel against the rules. At the end of the movie my ultimate question is if one has a diagnosis that results in breaking out of the norm because of intimidation how would you cope with the situation?

From an early age we learn that sharing is caring and to work together. As we grow up everything is about teamwork. However, in the really world its all about the back stabbing and he said she said in order to move up in the corporate ladder. Why are colleges or universities so gung-ho in grouping people in teams and forcing students to work together when the reality is it never works.

In teams there are team leaders that carry the load because they are the say all be all (e.g. the one who will randomly assign thing to team member or include as they feel is necessary). Then there are default team leaders they are the one who end up with all the responsibility and none of the glory because they are stuck finishing the assignment. Of course we can’t forget about the pawns (the team member) the little guy who just does what they are told, but to degree they choose: 1) Nothing because their lost and have been shut out, 2) Could be enough to contribute and get a grade, 3) Being a pushover and doing whatever the can to keep drama to a minimum, 3) Okay everyones friend will be very compliant, 4) the achiever who does things to the best of their ability, 5) Overdoing everything and going one step further to make everyone happy.

Well the traditional method-meeting in the library or some local establishment to work on the project-isn’t working lets throw in technology that should help. Common its going be the same story last minutes OMG I forgot or I’m sorry can you do x, y, and z, by the way can you also do a to w as well.

Hell why not try it. There are the basics telephone and emails, but in modern society there are things like the “cloud” where everything is just floating in the universe and no matter where you are or what you are using you can retrieve it (e.g. Google doc). Then there is social network sites like twitter and Facebook which who really want to do homework when you have friends to catch up with or things to say cause your just that cool.

Common wake up teacher or professor teamwork is dead especially when life is as crazy and hectic as ours. Honestly no one wants to take what precious time of freedom to meet a team member in person or in the virtual world. We are stress out enough and all we want is to sleep at least for a few hour so that we don’t go out in the world and start killing people because we are so high strung from the lack of sleep and the added stress of teamwork really is the death of us all.

The worst feeling to wake up with… especially since it was not due to over drinking. Actually it was from eating meat… too much of it. Who would have guess it that having a small portion of meat for the first time after 50 days or so would give you such a huge hangover. I forgot how meat tasted… slightly gross but oh so good.

Till Death Do Us Part…

So say the vows, but in todays society those words should be Till Divorce Do Us Part and hopefully you have a prenup agreement. In today liars and cheaters why get married at all. I mean serious if you can’t keep the mouse in the house then don’t commit. Its a waste of your time and the poor sap who needs to face the walk of shame. Its worst then Hollywood marriages…which is like I do and 48 hours later calling it quits and saying just kidding I just wanted the publicity.

Is anything sacred anymore????

what is life…

Tonight on discovery we will all experience the wonders and amazement of this word “life” through the lens of a camera. Of course is that what it has come down too where we can’t find meaning or a simple definition for the word “life” that we need some else to tell us.

I just got back from church (not saying every who don’t go have no understanding of this word life but its just a random thought) life is define as something holy because it is what god has given up to preserve is some form or another. Granted my interpretation my be incorrect since I am not religious in any way (although some are think why do you go to church..I have no clue beside the fact that it has help me and I feel ready to start and continue living).

Another random thought….

Some believe life is what you make of it and not some divine gift. Then to those people I ask where does it come from… Now I am no expert but sure life is a life less piece of clay that through experience or mold it becomes something. However, to do that there are outside factors that make this possible as if they were the hands that form said piece of clay to what it is…”life”

We will all get there whether we are healthy or sick. Two sad events have happen against the elderly that resulted in two deaths so far. Where has compassion gone when a stranger or a related parties kills some who is defenseless.

What has this society come to…

Is there any humanity left in society today… something that I have been contemplating for months now.

I want to believe that it still does exist. However, I have not experience it since my return to the States.  It seems that everyone’s just looking out for themselves no matter who is harmed in process.  I have experience this first hand as a victim of fraud.  The largest fraud  out there today is being caused by insurance companies who are stealing from those they insure and those who they discriminate for preexisting conditions.  The last political “game” about the health care came done to the republicans who were all about the bringing down of a government care program and the democrats who were just putting up a show so they can seem like they care in order to get the republican to back them.  Of course the presidents distractive  behavior during the debate was no help.

The reason I believe that there is humanity in the world is that I want to be optimistic that people can change or at least improve.